Things I Like (and, maybe you do too)

Thanks Jessica Gross for your whimsical blog-catalogue, documenting the Things We Like–ten things at a time.

Here’s my like-list, published early this week:

1. Drunk bike-riding on breezy summer nights

2. Inappropriate questions/dinner conversations held at very proper dinner tables

3. Godzilla

4. Key lime pie… Mmm–yes, key lime pie

5. The contours of my back in a backless dress

6. Driving fast in a snowstorm (when snowflakes look like the stars in all those science fiction movies once the spaceship engages in warp speed)

7. Kitchen seductions, foreplay substituting for appetizers while cooking with the Lion

8. When people say “please” and “thank you” and “I’m sorry” and “you’re right” and mean it

9. Answering questions about my race/ethnicity with blatant lies (lies that can continue, if prompted, with elaborate backstories)

10. The fog–when it’s thick and low to the ground


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